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A Law Group That Helps With Municipal Infractions

Although municipal courts are considered of limited jurisdiction, the consequences of conviction in one such court could have a major impact on your life. More importantly, far more serious charges may occur based on the findings of this court. Don't go it alone. The defense attorneys at Gruber, Schwartz & Posnock, LLP in Newark, New Jersey, provide aggressive arguments for your case.


Take a page from our book and become familiar with local laws. The primary offenses municipal courts oversee, include:

• Motor Vehicle Offenses, Such As Parking Tickets
• Minor Criminal Offenses, Such As Petty Theft or Disorderly Conduct
• Municipal Ordinance Violations, Including Building Code Violations
• Fish and Game Violations

Scales in Courtroom

Wrongdoings Transferred To Superior Court

Criminal complaints that may be initiated in municipal court may also be transferred to a superior court, depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. Specific examples by our law group include non-DWI traffic offenses that result in DWI charges or assault charges that are upgraded to an aggravated assault. It's also common for a theft crime to be elevated to a more serious charge.

Securing Defense

Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys understand that although the case may be transferred to a superior court, the defendant may have to appear in municipal court for resolution and transfer of the case. We can help with these and other public entity and municipality litigation cases.