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Enjoy the Benefits of Buying a Business

Every year, approximately 300,000 US businesses are bought and sold. Many are small and mid-sized businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, and modest manufacturing operations. When you are planning on buying or selling a business, hire the business lawyers at Gruber, Schwartz & Posnock, LLP In Newark, New Jersey, to help with the extensive preparation process required.

Buying a Business

There are many factors to consider when buying. These include evaluating risks and probable growth. In addition, investors should weigh if the business suits their lifestyle. Though longer hours and added fears come with the territory of owning a business, there are also many personal and financial rewards. Our business attorneys assist you in deciding whether business ownership is right for you and your family.

Factors To Consider

Make a calculated decision by consulting with our attorneys to research your potential purchase. Together, we'll think about:

• How To Locate a Business for Sale
• The Pros and Cons of a Franchise Vs. an Independent Business
• Pinpointing the Business' History and Finances
• Determining Whether the Asking Price Is Reasonable

Selling a Business

Regardless of the business you own, you have a good chance of finding an interested buyer if the asking price is right. Figuring out the right buyer and favorable terms upon which to sell your business will still require a lot of hard work and planning. That's where we come in. Our business attorneys can help you determine if you're truly ready to sell. Our due diligence processes involve:

• Seeking Possible Buyers
• Staging the Company for Sale
• Understanding Local Sales Processes
• Establishing an Asking Price
• Negotiations and Closing the Deal
• Preparing Sales Agreements and Other Documents
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