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True Advocates for Victims of Consumer Fraud

Claims of consumer fraud essentially include that goods or services purchased did not function as was advertised. In the case of goods, the typical issue is a faulty or substandard product. Where services are concerned, the fraud more often than not involves a misleading or exploitive contract. In other cases, as our consumer fraud attorneys will caution, this embroils outright swindles and scams.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

New Jersey has passed legislation specifically addressing certain areas of fraud that have become commonplace in the community. The following are a few areas covered:

• Health Club Memberships
• Automobile Sales, Leases, and Repair, Including Lemon Law
• Home Improvement
• Home Appliance Repairs
• Refund Policies
• Mail Order Sales


The Legal Standards for Proving Fraud

Consumer fraud may be proved if the seller of the good or service made either an "affirmative" misrepresentation or "intentionally" failed to disclose a material fact. It is important to note that your attorney must prove the affirmative or intentional nature of the acts to show fraud. Additionally, as a consumer, you must show an "ascertainable loss". This means your loss cannot be potential in nature or speculative.

Take Action

When you have been victimized by fraud you may be able to recover your actual loss, treble damages, or punitive damages, depending on the nature of the scheme. Consult the consumer fraud attorneys at Gruber, Schwartz & Posnock, LLP in Newark, New Jersey, for additional legal counsel.